Airport Transfer Malaga

Transfer from Malaga Costa del Sol Airport

We all know how complicated and confusing it may be to get to an airport we do not know and find the public transport we need.


Do you need a transfer from the airport?

Please notice: transfer is only possible to a selected range of properties.

If you do not need to rent a car for your rental property, you have several options.



From the airport it’s possible to take the bus to the bus station in Malaga center. The bus station, is by th way, located right beside the train station. Bus is usually the cheapest option, but conversely the solution that takes the longest time.

The location on Malaga Bus station: Google Maps >>

The bus company ALSA’s website: www.alsa.es



Just outside the arrival hall at Malaga airport, there are always plenty of taxis which is a quick and easy option to get to your holiday home fast, after you have pick’ed-up your baggage. The taxis have fixed prices on the tours and you can always ask for the quote before you drive. It’s easy, fast and very reliable



You can also order your transfer from a private transfer company in advance. Typically, the company will wait for you in the arrival hall with your name tag or they will pick you up, just outside the arrival hall in Malaga Airport. The prices are pretty much the same as the taxi prices, but the benefit may be that many of these companies are specialized in receiving foreign guests at the airport and therefore speaks very good English.

Link to:



From the airport it´s also possible to take the local train C1 that stops in Fuengirola including Torremolinos and Benalmadena. It works really well and only costs a few euros.

Below you will find a map of the public shuttle that leaves Malaga Airport.


Another option is to check the aena’s public transport website: http://www.aena.es/en/malaga-airport/public-transport.html

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