Peñon de Gibraltar

Approximately 1½ hour drive from Malaga you pass the Andalusian border and enter a whole new world.

Gibraltar is British and has belonged to Britain since the 1713th. You can visit:
– Street in Gibraltar for their tax-free sales
– Nature reserve “Upper Rock” with St. Michael Cave which is a dripstone cave
– Tunnels “Great Say Tunnels”, which are defense installations from the late 18th century
– “Ape’s Den”; where the Gibraltar monkeys run around freely. The apes are also Europe’s only
    wild monkeys, and one should note that the many years tourists have made them
    some light-fingered and sometimes very intrusive creatures.
A good idea might be to park the car in the town of La Linea, which is located on the Spanish side, and walk over the border. During peak hours, the traffic jam can be hours long, and there are only approx. 15 minutes’ walk into the center of Gibraltar from La Linea. On the other side of the border, is also a red double decker bus which frequently goes into the center and Main Street. Gibraltar is very small, so you do not really need the car, and parking can be hard to find.
Remember: Your passports!